The History of Varosha - Arkin Varosha Residences: Luxury

The History  of Varosha

The legendary city of the past ... Located in the Famagusta district of the Turkish Republic...

The legendary city of the past …

Located in the Famagusta district of the Turkish Republic of Northern cyprus, Varosha was one of the most famous and luxurious holiday destinations in the world before 1974, with its modern architecture, unique coastline and 10 thousand bed capacity. Varosha was host to the first hotel designed above 5 stars, as well as around 3 thousand commercial workplaces, 99 entertainment centres, 25 museums, 24 cinemas and theatres, 21 banks and 2 sports facilities. Even when the product and service quality it offered in the 1970s is compared to today’s circumstances, Varosha was in a position to compete with many countries and had the feature of being the centre of attraction of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean in terms of both tourism and architecture. Being among the first choices of famous names for summer holidays, Varosha hosted celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Paul Newman, Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, and Brigitte Bardot Back in the day, Varosha, the legendary city of the past, gave its guests a taste of the future.


With the Arkin Varosha Residences, we offer you modern city life interwined with history.

In our project, set in a unique location within walking distance to the sea and the ancient Famagusta Port, we took care to preserve the historical texture of Varosha while reflecting today’s contemporary architecture. The Arkin Varosha Residences, have an excellent panoramic view of the Mediterranean and the famous city of Varosha, which will impress both you and your guests. In the Arkin Varosha Residences Project, where simplicity, functionality and aesthetics are prioritized, we have brought tohether the most stylish designs of Scandinavian style interior decotation to create an enviroment of tranquality for you.


In. The Arkin Varosha Residences Project, by means of it’s 5-star life concept you will have the opportunity to live every season as if on holiday; you will not only have acquired an apartment but also the privileged services offered to you. Within the residence service, Clubhouse present you with a colorful World, bringing a convivial social life to your home by virtue of its cafe, outdoor swimming pool and snack bar, spa and gym, sauna-steam room, party-meeting room, scooter / buggy rental service and mini market.


The Arkin Varosha Residences has an unmatched location 2 minutes from the Dr Fazıl Küçük Stadium, 5 minutes from the Arkin Palm Beach Hotel, and 15 minutes walking distance to the historical Famagusta Port and city centre.

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